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SJC e-Learning Platform

Acquire global knowledge and build your professional skills

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St. John’s College provides primary to advance level education in Sinhala and English medium. Advance level Science, Mathematics, Art & Commerce….

Library & Labs

Three libraries filled with many valuable books and reading materials for students and Labs full filled with modern test equipment.

Skilled Teachers

Well qualified graduate teachers teach to the students and guide them to achieve their educational milestones to be creative global citizens.

අපගේ දැක්ම සහ මෙහෙවර

Our Vision and Mission

Gift a skillful child with enriched knowledge and moral values to the country.
In line with the global trends, produce active citizens who possess good morals and personalities for a sustainably developed nation.

Official Flag

SJC Nugegoda Flag

Official Crest

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What Our Leaders Say

Mr. Buddhika Aththanayaka
The Principal
Education is the process of producing a citizen with global skills. Therefore, the present school system should be transformed into a system capable of imparting these concepts to the child. Therefore, we, St. John's College, has taken the first step towards this. St. John's College, Nugegoda has always been a college that has always produced the pilot citizens that the country needs in this education system. Therefore, even today, we sit under this vision, and the leadership of the Old Boys' Association, we carry out a series of activities to produce this global citizen. At a time when education is on the decline in this country and around the world, we are launching this online education platform for children all over the world as a real solution.
Mr. D.N. Gurudeniya
Senior Deputy Principal
We came long way and done many educational and other extra curricular activates as the only boy school at Nugegoda. I am happy to say that we have achieved our educational goals during last pandemic period also. We have more strength of our school community and to progress of our school for next centenary. Our online learning system is in progress. We provide more guidance to our students using more powerful distance learning methods. Altogether with our skilled teachers and the old boys association, we step forward in a strong way as a national school in the country to achieve our educational goals.
Mr. Sandun Maithri
Deputy Principal
We are pioneer in online Learning Management System as a government school. We made it for keep on going educational activities of our students during the pandemic period. Our distance learning system keep developing at always. Our academic staff and technical support of the OBA highly appreciated.

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