New Frontline Building Project - St. John's College, Nugegoda.

St. John's OBA planned to construct a modern frontline building to the school. For this, We have initially completed the building plan and other necessary approvals to proceed with construction. The estimated cost for this project is 120 million. At this special moment, we expect all the possible support from our alumni all over the world. The total number of the extent of the building is 24,000 sq. feet. You can contribute or provide any support to achieve this big project for the school.
A unit value is 5000/- per sq. foot.
You all are welcome to join us.

For further information, you can contact

  • 0777 301615 Danarajah
  • 0773 012461 Devaka
  • 0713 040689 Ranga
  • 0777 363362 Rohana
  • 0770 700590 Danushka
  • 0772 359904 Indika

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