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History at a glance of the kingdom of Kotte

St.John’s college is located in a land steeped in history-a history embellished from the outset by the achievements of its kings and rulers centuries ago. A brief look at that early period is perhaps of relevance in a publication of this nature, which is intended to focus mainly on the factors that have contributed to the evolution of the school for a century and the impact it has had on Nugegoda and Kotte that today bears a rare economic dynamism of its own.

In the 15th century there is clear and indisputable evidence of the emergence of the Kotte Kingdom as one of the most powerful and stable of that early era.

History at a glance- St. John’s College-Nugegoda.

The year 1915 is a watershed in the history of Nugegoda and a broader view of the historic city of Kotte. This was on account of the establishment of the oldest school in Nugegoda- St.John’s College. St.John’s a springboard of education has over the years fed the community with a sustained flow of educated men-professionals in the Arts, the Sciences and in the technology who have in enriched and wider the prospective this Island nation

The founding father of the school Rev. J. H. Wickramanayake was also its first manager. The school was registered on 25th April 1918 and the notice to the effect published in the Ceylon Government Gazette of 6th July 1918. This resulted in St.Johns being afforded the grant-in-aid status by 1920. In 1930 Mrs video. E.H. Labrooy was appointed Head Mistress of the school. In 1922, Mrs. Bultjens was appointed Principal. A small building to house the school was erected behind the parsonage and the little institution began the historic journey with two teachers Miss. Flora Redrich and Miss. Constance Ekenaike.

(Source of information: St. John’s College Nugegoda-100 years of excellence by Jagath C. Savanadasa.)


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