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Media Day News
St.John's College media day held on 6th June at the S.De.S Jayasinghe memorial hall.
This event was success and Hon. Minister of media,  Mr.Gayantha Karunathiklaka
declared open the occasion. Sirasa TV won the most popular TV award and Y FM most
popular radio station.

Johnian walk 2016  sucessfully held on 18th June. All the past and current students participated proudly for this event. This event was organized by the Old Boy's association of the college.

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Teachers In Charges

Mr.N.T Balasuriya
(Head Master)
Mrs. Janaki Patricia
Mrs. Manori Gamaarachchi
Mrs. Ruchira Wijesena
Mr. Athula Chandrasena
Meadia Unit
Members 2016

Adithya Madhubash
Nemain Sanjana
Achila Dananjaya
Vice President
Evinda Chamika

Chief Organizer
Tharindu Ruwantha

Chief Co-ordinators
Sahan Thilakarathna
Dushan Madhusanka

The word media comes from the Latin plural of medium. The traditional view is that it should therefore be treated as a plural noun in all its senses in English and be used with a plural rather than a singular verb: the media have not followed the reports (rather than ‘has’). In practice, in the sense ‘television, radio, and the press collectively’, it behaves as a collective noun (like staff or clergy, for example), which means that it is now acceptable in standard English for it to take either a singular or a plural verb. The word is also increasingly used in the plural form medias, as if it had a conventional singular form media, especially when referring to different forms of new media, and in the sense ‘the material or form used by an artist’: there were great efforts made by the medias of the involved countries about 600 works in all genres and medias were submitted for review.

The definition of "Media"
Info source by -
Manula Prabashwara
Navod Amarakoon
Pawan Nisheka
Rasindu Layan
Whohan Sasika
Shanuka Adithya
Kavindu Dilruksha
SJC Media Team -2016

SJC- Photographic Society

Dasuna FM, the most successful school radio network of Sri Lanka.
Proudly present by the media unit
of the School.

"Rivira" newspaper won the award  under most popular newspaper award. Nugegoda St. Joshop Girl School won the award of the overall media contest events handled by the St. John's College Media unit.
Rugby News
PREMIER Challenge trophy on 10th July. 
St. John's College Vs Thurstan College final rugby match will be held on 16:00 at the Royal sports complex on tomorrow.